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Eating certain foods and nutrients might decrease your chances of developing prostrate cancer recurrence, or help slow the progression of the disease. A good diet high in fresh fruit, whole grains, vegetables and fresh fish will ensure optimal health. Meat and dairy should be limited in the diet. Intake of meat and dairy should be from good sources. Choose organic meat and chicken. Good sources of dairy include biodynamic yoghurt and feta cheese.


Although an essential nutrient ensure diet is not too high in protein. A high protein diet (44% of calorie intake) inhibits 5@-reductase resulting in prostrate enlargement.

Include more fish and vegetarian proteins in the diet. Vegetarian may include tofu, lentils, nuts and seeds, beans.


Include omega three sources in the diet – linseeds, flaxseed oil, fish i.e. sardines, salmon.


Increased consumption of cruciferous vegetables can provide some benefit. Sulforaphane, a compound found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower, helps the body to repair damage caused by cancer causing substances, thereby helping to slow down the cancer growth process.


Consumption of tomatoes has been shown to have significant benefit on the development and progression of prostrate cancer. This is due to lycopenes antioxidant action.


Polyphenols found in green tea, and red wine as well as isoflavones in soy products has both shown anti cancer effects in laboratory studies.


Selenium intake is associated with a lower risk of developing prostrate cancer. Sources include brazil nuts and organic garlic.


High consumption red meat and dairy products increases the risk of developing advanced prostrate cancer, while consumption of omega 3 in fatty fish, fish oil and flaxseed oil, lower’s the risk of developing prostrate cancer.


Avoid grilled meats, exposure to high levels of a cancer causing substance known as Phip, found in grilled meats, has been associated with development of prostrate cancer in laboratory animals.


All these products contain zinc. This very element in these products is the basis of preventive maintenance and associated treatment of the adenoma of the prostate. It was discovered before that zinc intake led to the decrease in size of the gland and the decrease of the symptoms of disease. Scientists argue it is connected with the involvement of zinc in the hormonal metabolism. It is necessary to get creative with our daily menu. It is possible simply to put one or two handfuls of the purified pumpkinseeds into soup or porridge. Seeds in the dishes will swell from the water and they become soft. They are especially good in combination with buckwheat and porridges. It is possible to decorate meat or vegetable ragout with pumpkin seeds. Seeds are added into the dishes usually 5 minutes prior to readiness.


Avoid alcohol, especially beer. Red wine in moderation.



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