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PMS and Endometriosis

Symptoms including bloating, period pain, hormonal acne, heavy periods, headaches, mood swings

Diet: increase fresh vegetables especially greens, salmon, chia seeds, nuts and seeds, decrease dairy products and red meat, limit alcohol.



Chaste tree: for bloating, mood swings period pain, heavy periods. Email naturopath via contacts page to see if this the right supplement for you.

Magnesium 300 biocomplex mineral formula: when period pain and mood swings exist. This formula contains zinc, essential for balancing hormones.

Tresos B: essential for busy people whose diets do not always consist of home cooked meal and lots of vegetablesand fresh foods.. This formula also contains zinc essentuial for balancing hormones.

Livco: when there is a history of alcohol of drug use, a diet of processed foods, when the liver is not functioning 100% hormonal imbalances result.

Nevaton: additional support for mood swings and anxiety.

Tumeric: additional antiinflammatory and liver support.


PCOS: mediherb polyfem is the most strongly indicated herbal supplement for this condition, mediherb wild yam complex and magnesium 300 biocomplex (contains chromium) to balance blood sugar and also eagles glucosupport for blood sugar management, Low GI Diet. See our blood sugar page. Please email naturopath via contacts page.



Diet: Eats foods high in photoestrogens, increase soy products, soya milk and tofu, Eat or drink two servings of soy a day. Soy foods will take 4 to 6 weeks to show an effect. Here are some easy ways to add soy to your diet:

Choose tofu dishes instead of meat at your local Chinese restaurant. Make instant miso soup for a quick pick-me-up snack. Make fruit smoothies, with soy protein powder. Drink soy milk. Buy baked tofu in the supermarket and experiment at home. Add it to salads or stir-fry dishes, even try it on crackers. Buy canned soy beans and add them to soups, chili and casseroles.

Phytoestrogens are particular plant chemicals that are very similar in structure to estrogen, and may act as weak estrogen in our bodies. Simply put, phytoestrogens may trick your body into thinking it has more estrogen than it really does -- potentially diminishing some of the discomforts caused by lower estrogen levels during menopause.

The mineral boron is another beneficial element of fruits and vegetables. Boron seems to increase the body's ability to hold onto estrogen. It also helps keep our bones strong by decreasing the amount of calcium we excrete each day.

Here are top sources of boron that also contain phytoestrogens: asparagus, carrots, beans, soybeans, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli,

Eat calcium rich foods: Calcium is essential to a woman's health as she ages as oestrogen depletes in menopause so does calcium absorption. Hence a diet rich in various forms of calcium is important.. Drink soy coffees rather than milk coffees each day. Eat broccoli, a leafy green vegetable, or beans these also contain calcium. Eat small portions of full fat dairy. Calcium is not easily absorbed from low fat dairy products as calcium is a fat soluable vitamin. Other calcium rich foods include almond, other nuts and seeds and seaweed.


Eat flaxseed: otherwise known as linseed. Or eat LSA(linseed, sunflower and almonds ground) mix on your cereals or ground linseeds in smoothies. A Mayo study showed that twenty-one women who consumed 40 grams of ground flaxseed daily had a significant decrease in the frequency and severity of their hot flashes. The women’s hot flashes were scored over a period of six weeks, and those who took the flaxseed showed a 50% decrease in the frequency of flashes, and a 57% decrease in their “flash score” overall, resulting in major improvements in their quality of life. Participants in the study even noticed improvements in their mood and in joint and muscle pain.

Flaxseed is particularly promising as a treatment for menopause symptoms because it is a plant estrogen containing both omega-3 fatty acids and lingans. Omega three fatty acids are known to be protective in heart disease, and lingans contain antioxidants that are being studied for their ability to prevent cancer. Flaxseed also seems to have some anti-estrogen qualities that could decrease the risk of breast cancer.


Exercise: Exercising during menopause will help decrease blood cholesterol levels, decrease bone loss (especially resistance training), improve your ability to deal with stress, improve circulation, improve heart function and improve your body's ability to use oxygen and nutrients.

And, of course, exercise is an ideal way to manage weight. Many women gain considerable weight in their 40s. This could result from the age-related drop in our metabolic rate. Or it could be caused by a reduction in physical activity as we age. Either way, exercise is your best defense.


Mediherb Polyfem: hormone balancer.

Mediherb Wild Yam complex: For flushes and nervous system support,

Mediherb Valerian complex or kava: for insomnia. Note valerian complex contains a herb called ziziyphus which is useful for night flushes.

Magnesium 300 biocomplex mineral formula: To support hormonal changes, and support nervous system and sleep patterns.

Mediherb Kava and Mediherb Nevaton for additional nervous system support

Mediherb Siberian Ginseng: When adrenal exhaustion or burnout is an issue. Adrenal hormone support is essential during menopause when indicated.

Mediherb Tribulus: To increase sex drive

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