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Recommended supplements: 

Bioceuticals Adrenoplex,  for exhaustion, adrenal burnout combined with nervous system support. Naturopath recommends!

Mediherb Valerian Complex:for insomnia
Nutrimedicine Magnesium 300 Biocomplex, Bioceuticals ultra muscleze, or Pure Innovation Mag Citrate capsules for nervous system, exhaustion, energy, insomnia
Mediherb Kava: for nervous system support and insomnia

Mediherb Siberian ginseng :for adrenal stress and exhaustion

Mediherb Nevaton :for nervous system support, will aid insomnia (st johns wort schisandra, skullcap and damiana)

Bioceuticals Restoracalm: Nervous system support,


These  supplements taken 20 minutes before bedtime can be invaluable in improving sleep quality! For times of stress and nervous tension, take one to two doses of magnesium daily.

For stress, nervous tension,anxiety and mild depression kava is a wonderful herb. Combine with magnesium.


Many diseases are now recognized, as being linked to stress and lack of sleep. These diseases include heart disease, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, PMS, rheumatoid arthritis and skin complaints.   There are many beneficial ways to manage and prevent stress overload.


Exercise helps reduce tension, releases mood enhancing endorphins, prevents stress from accumulating, helps you relax and induces sleep. Being physically fit ensures that the body functions efficiently and is better equipped to cope with stress.


Other ways to manage stress include breathing exercises, yoga, tai chi, massage and meditation. Slower deeper breathing helps move you into a calmer state of mind and allows you to control your emotions. Yoga stretches muscles releasing muscular tension, which helps you to relax. Yoga helps attain a state of detachment, which restores balance and banishes stress. Meditation is an extremely valuable skill that calms the mind and takes you away from your worries. Benefits include breathing and heart rates slow, the brain produces long alpha waves which is a sign of deep relaxation.


Meditation lifts anxiety, lowers blood pressure, relieves insomnia, PMS, panic and migraines. Massage tackles stress by relieving insomnia, headaches, depression, anxiety, constipation and muscle strain. Endorphins are released – the body’s pain relieving hormones, circulation, digestion is improved, the body’s lymphatic system is stimulated and the muscles are relaxed.

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