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Below is a list of cold and flu preventative tips remedies to help you fight colds and flu's this winter. 


  • Rest and get 8 hours sleep plus a day. Lack of sleep effects immunity. 
  • Moderate alcohol consumption. If you are continually getting sick high levels of alcohol consumption maybe the reason. Alcohol depletes zinc levels. The enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase is required to break down alcohol in the body. The production of this enzyme requires zinc. Low zinc levels can result form excessive alcohol consumption, affecting our immunity. Consider a daily multi and liver herbs when consuming alcohol. 
  • Do not suppress fever – your immune system uses the fever to kill the virus. If you are able to, rest without drugs, avoid paracetamol, and let your immune system do its job. Recent research has shown that paracetamol reduces the antioxidant capacity in the lung, and regular use increases the risk for asthma and other lung problems. Also Research from the American College of Clinical Pharmacy confirmed that suppressing your fever also suppresses your immune system. The duration of illness averaged one full day longer when you use drugs for your fever. Exceptions to using paracetamol include managing very high fever in small children. 
  • Avoid refined sugar – it suppresses immune function. High sugar consumption effects vitamin C absorption in the body and hence immunity. 
  • Avoid cow’s milk , orange juice and wheat - the casein in milk is mucous forming, especially in people with blood type A and O. Also avoid wheat and orange juice when you have a cold in particular.. These are also mucous forming foods. 
  • Food allergies: Have a large impact on the immune system and need to be dealt with. Please see our allergy page on our website. or  visit  our wheat and dairy free pages  if applicable.


      ·Eat lightly – food in the intestine is a burden for the immune system.  

  • Eat chicken and vegetable soup – chicken contains the amino acid cysteine, which thins mucous. Vegetables add extra nutirionn in an easily digested form. 
  • Vitamin A – supports immune function and reduces mucous. During the acute phase, adults can take 50,000 IU per day (avoid during pregnancy).

       · Zinc –supports immune function. 

      ·  Vitamin C with bioflavonoids and zinc – supports immune function 

  • Garlic- a natural antibiotic, and is excellent for sinus infections. Eat raw mashed with avocado for easy compliance in times of illness.

Our recommended supplements: 

Available on our web site.

Beta AC with zinc or Bioceuticals Ultra Potent C Powder: Can be taken for prevention. Increase dose to 2-3 times daily if cold and flu symptoms develop. 

Mediherb Echinacea premium: For best results take as soon as symptoms are apparent. Can be taken when around sick people in the office to prevent cold and flu.  

 Mediherb Garlic Forte: Enhance winter immunity and prevents cold and flus

Mediherb Astragalus Complex: For long periods of illness i.e. glandular fever, auntoimmune conditions associated with poor energy or repeated bouts of colds and flu

Tresos B: A daily multi supports immune function.

Bioceuticals Olive Leaf Extract: support immunity and respiratory disorders

Bioceuticals Armaforce: Boost immunity and reduce  cold and flu symptoms



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