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Recommended supplements: magnesium 300 biocomplex, nevaton, kava, livco, valerian complex, chaste tree, wild yam, krill oil

Dependant on symptoms. Ask our naturopath via the contacts page if you unsure of the correct supplement for you.


Migraines and cluster headaches can be triggered by one or sometimes several of the following causes:


  1. Stress. Whether emotion or from exhaustion can commonly trigger a migraine or headache.
  2. Low magnesium levels. Particulary, seen in stressed individuals who eat a poor diet. Low brain magnesium levels has been found in individuals with migraines. Magnesium citrate is better absorbed than other forms in these cases.
  3. Food allergies intolerances. Removal of allergens will eliminate or greatly reduce symptoms in the majority of cases.
  4. Dietary Amines. These foods include chocolate, cheese, beer and wine precipitate migraines- they contain histamine and/or other vasoactive compounds triggering migraines in sensitive individuals by causing blood vessels to expand.
  5. Sinusitus. Maybe due to many causes – foods, pollens, dust, digestion issues and exacerbated by stress.
  6. Poor liver function. Maybe due to high alcohol consumption, food sensitivities, pharmaceutical drug intake, including pain killers and/or a diet high in processed foods and trans fats.
  7. High/Low Blood pressure
  8. Muscular Tension. Caused by stress, poor posture and commonly sitting at a computer all day.
  9. Hormonal fluctuations. Females are often effected around menstruation time, ovulation and as a side effect of taking the oral contraceptive pill.
  10. Blood Sugar Issues. Without a correct diet, blood sugar levels can cause headaches.
  11. Poor sleep habits.


The naturopathic approach involves identifying the causes, eliminating and treating with lifestyle and dietary adjustments. Email our naturopath via the contacts page, if you want help with managing and preventing your headaches or migraines.

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