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For Australian residents only. A mini consult with our degree qualified naturopath and nutritionist

I will send you a personalized email with nutritional and lifestyle tips.

I will select the most appropriate professional  supplements for you.

Condition of free consult. Its easy!

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  1. List the main foods you eat regularly in your diet.Detail all the foods you have eaten in the last week.Include meat, other protein sources, grains, dairy fruit and vegetables.
  2. What fluids and how much do you drink each day.
  3. How many serves of vegetables and fruit do you have daily?
  4. Rate you energy levels from 1 to 10
  5. Rate your stress levels from 1 to 10
  6. Do you drink alcohol? If so how many serves per week
  7. List any ailments/health conditions that are of concern to you. Please list in detail.
  8. How many hours sleep do you get a night. Do you have any issues with insomnia?
  9. Are you on medications including the oral contraceptive pill. Include supplements. Please list.
  10. Do you suffer from high blood pressure or any heart condition.
  11. How is your digestion? Any bloating, flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea?
  12. Any food sensitivities or allergies? (hay fever, sinus or other)
  13. Are you intending on having children in the near future?
  14. Females only. Any issues with menstruation: pain, moods, heavy or light flow, regularity?
  15. Any headaches or migraines?
  16. Any blood sugar issues? Light headedness when you have not eaten for a while? Sugar cravings?
  17. Do you exercise? How many hours a week?

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