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Recommended supplements: EaglesGluco Support  or Bioceuticals Glucofactors (highly recommended),  Magnesium 300 Biocomplex Powder, Fish Oil,Krill oil,  Mediherb Livco, Mediherb Siberian Ginseng, Eagles Vitamin D, Eagles Tresos B. Isowhey Complete or Vital Greens Pea Protein.

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Essential to manage blood sugar:




The magnesium biocell mineral formulation contains chromium.

 Other important  supplements:

Gluco support /Bioceuticals Glucfactors Forte: a combination of magnesium, chromium, alpha lipoic acid, gynema cinnamon and other herbs and nutrients essential for blood sugar management.

Livco; A liver herb. If there is a history of alcohol consumption, pharmaceutical drugs, processed foods. The liver needs some treatment. The liver has a big role in blood sugar control

Siberian Ginseng: For adrenal exhaustion. Alleviated adrenal cortisol levels effect fatburning and blood sugar control.

If stress and insomnia are an issue please visit our insomnia and stress webpage for supplement and lifestyle information.

These nutrients and herbs will help with diabetes type 2 or unstable blood sugar. The following dietary information is also essential;


The pancreas is a vital organ. One of it main function’s is to produce the hormone insulin. Carbohydrate stimulates the secretion of insulin more than any other component of food. The slow absorption of the carbohydrate in our food means that the pancreas doesn’t have to work so hard and produces less insulin. A pancreas that is overstimulated over a long period of time may be come exhausted and hence the development of Type 2 diabetes may occur. Levels of diabetes have increased by 600% since the 1980’s. High insulin levels are also undesirable in the body because they increase the risk of heart disease.


A Low GI Diet is highly recommended to manage blood sugar levels.


Who may need this diet?


Weight Reduction

  • Low GI foods fill you up and keep you satisfied longer
  • Low GI foods help you burn more of you body fat and less of your body muscle


Peak Sports Performance

  • Low G.I foods, wholefoods, pasta, which are digested and absorbed more slowly, are able to provide glucose to the muscle towards the end of exercise when glycogen stores are running low. These should be eaten 1 to 2 hours before a major event.



  • A reduction of the G.I factor in the diet, will reduce the demand on the pancreas to produce insulin, prolonging its function and delaying the development of type 2 diabetes.
  • A low G.I diet is useful in management of type 2 diabetes.


Metabolic Syndrome x

  • High blood sugar and fat levels (especially triglycerides), overweight, high blood pressure, and increased clotting when found together are referred to as syndrome X.
  • A low G.I diet will help correct many of the problems found in syndrome X.



  • If blood sugar levels can be prevented from increasing quickly, then excessive unnecessary amounts of insulin will not be produced and blood sugar levels will not plunge to abnormally low levels.
  • An irregular eating pattern is common with people who have hypoglycaemia.


Heart Disease

  • Useful for prevention and treatment of heart disease
  • Useful for cholesterol reduction, weight reduction and high blood pressure
  • Studies show a large percentage of patients with heart disease have insensitivity to insulin. Low GI diets improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin.


Foods To Eat

These include low G.I foods


  • Apples – GI 38, also high in pectin, which lowers GI factor
  • Apple Juice – GI 40
  • Apricots, dried - GI 31
  • Barley - GI 25
  • Basmati rice – GI of 58, Best brand is Doongara due to high amylose content
  • Breakfast Cereals – GI 42 muesli, oats, all bran
  • Buckwheat – GI 54, can be cooked as porridge or comes in noodle form, which is excellent for pasta dishes
  • Bulgur- GI 48 main ingredient in tabouli
  • Burgen – GI 19, Soy and Linseed Loaf. This has the lowest GI of all mixed grain breads
  • Cherries – GI 22
  • Grapefruit –GI 25
  • Grapes – GI 46
  • Kiwifruit – GI 52
  • Legumes – GI 14 to 56. these include dried peas, beans, lentils
  • Lemon juice – GI 0
  • Milk – GI 27
  • Oat bran- GI 55
  • Oranges – GI 44
  • Pasta – GI 32 to 64
  • Peach – GI 42
  • Peanuts – GI 14
  • Pear – GI 38
  • Peas GI 48
  • Pineapple Juice – GI 46
  • Pita Bread – GI 57
  • Ploughman’s Loaf – GI 47. Available in supermarkets
  • Plums – GI 39
  • Potatoes, new, GI 56
  • Porridge – GI 42 to 66 for one minute oats
  • Pumpernickel Bread – GI 41. Also known as rye kernel bread. A solid thinly sliced bread
  • Sultanas – GI 56
  • Sweet Corn – GI 55
  • Sweet Potato – GI 54. A lower GI than regular potatoes
  • Vinegar – GI 0. A vinaigrette dressing can lower blood sugar response to a meal by up to 30%
  • Vitari – GI 28. A non dairy frozen dessert, found in supermarkets
  • Yoghurt, GI 33.



Foods To Avoid                                           Alternatives

Bread, smooth textured                              Substitute 50% of flour with cracked grains. Burgen is a good commercial brand


Flour                                                               Substitute in baked goods with oat bran, rice bran or rolled oats


Rice                                                                Try basmati or doongara rice


Potato                                                            sweet potatoes or new potatoes


Sugar                                                             apple juice, dried fruits or honey


Bananas, mangoes, pawpaw                  Try apples, cherries, grapefruit

Pineapple, rockmelon and                        oranges, peaches, pears, plums

Other tropical fruits                                      and other temperate climate fruits


Cakes and desserts                                   Try Vitari, fruit salad with above fruits.    


Sample Menu for Low GI Diet



Porridge with banana and raisins. (GI 55)

2/3 cup rolled oats, 1 cup low fat milk (or soya/rice milk), 1 small mashed banana, 1 heaped tablespoon raisins.



Rye Bread fresh or toasted. Spread with tahini spread or dip or avocado and choose from following toppings:

Tomato, roasted capsicum, Spanish onion, rocket, grated carrot, chicken, lentil patty (homemade or purchased from a health food shop.


Dinner (serves 4)

Fish with spicy beans and tomato, served with basmati rice (GI 27)

Oil, diced celery, onion, crushed garlic, 1 can tomatoes, 1 can butter beans, 1 tsp minced chilli, ½ cup white wine, 4 fish fillets, 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley, black pepper.


  1. 1)fry onions celery and garlic for 5 minutes then add tomato’s, beans and chilli and simmer for 10 minutes.
  2. 2)Heat wine in saucepan and poach fish
  3. 3)Combine all ingredients and add parsley.


Lifestyle Considerations


Exercise makes our muscles better at using fat as a source of fuel. By improving the way insulin works, exercise increases the amount of fat we burn. A low G.I. diet has the same effect. Since body fat is what you want you want to get rid of when you lose weight, exercise in combination with a low G.I. diet makes a lot of common sense!



Further Reading


The G.I Factor, Dr Jennie Brand Miller, Dr Stephen Colagiuri.

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